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We will be reading late Shakespeare this semester, and we want our reactions to his plays, to class discussion, and to the films we see to form a public record.

So, we will create a Shakes-wiki that will outlive our class discussion but will be available for future Shakespeareans to access and build upon.

Let's get started!

Describe your topicEdit

This wiki can be a running dialogue about a play, about your reactions to characters, about your impressions of key passages. We might use this space to keep our discussions going after we have left class. Feel free to initiate discussion on this wiki. In fact, I may ask students to begin discussion about a play or theme as part of our common activity.

If you find interesting information about a play or a topic from class, feel free to post it on these pages. You may post, for example, important links to articles that have helped shape your understanding about a play. You may post cool information about how Shakespeare is being used and abused in the 20th and 21st century-in film, television, or in other media.

I will often post questions or my own reactions to class discussion. So please check in often and contribute.

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Twelfth Night
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